We decided to shift the expedition 1 day earlier because of Andrej's beamtime and the plan was to sleep Friday afternoon and to drive to Berchtesgaden at night. But due to problems with the beam Andrej had to stay at FRS Messhütte up to midnight. Right after the shift he and Brano drove whole night to Ramsau. They arrived at 6:00 morning and started climbing immediately. As planned for 2 weeks we wanted to climb up the north face and the same way down. But somehow we lost the way and after 4 hours of walking in a deep snow we did not reach the north face of Watzmann, but west face.

Iron Man Challenge 2010

Ironman challenge 2010 sa uskutočnil 3.-4. septembra. Dokopy sa nazbieralo 5 účastníkov, všetko vysoko profesionálny atléti: Hrocho, Hancko, Vajko, Krto a Cigi.


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